That Berlin Noon طباعة
Saadi Yousef

You are enquiring:
How come that Joanne overwhelmed you?
I stayed in Berlin more days.
My daughter was with me always.
Shiraz knows
That I do not know your enemy’s address,

But we were there, together, in a morning …
We entered the simple, semi bare, Joanne’s room.
She had nothing there in real terms!
Next day
I visited her on my own.
Invited her to a nearby restaurant.
That is it.
There was red wine, grilled pork, and an appointment with the stars!
We were back to her room
I was drunk as a satyr!
Suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt.
Her hair was tickling me like magic.
Started sucking my prick!
That is it all in all
Are you satisfied now?